THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005 No. 22 of 2005 [15th June, 2005.]

An Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a Central Information Commission and State Information Commissions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

List of First Appellate Authority and SPIO’s in field offices

Sr. No.Govt. Polytechnics CollegesName of FAAName of SPIO
1Govt. Polytechnic, Ambala CitySh. P.K Soni, Principal 0171-2556008Sh. Manish Gupta, HOD, 0171-2556008
2Govt. Polytechnic, SirsaSh. Sudhir Kumar, Principal 9416166540Sh. R.K. Jindal, HOD 9255119398
3Govt. Polytechnic, HisarSh. Sunil Kumar, Officiating Principal 9416808666Sh. Rajiv Sharma, HOD 9215100202
4Govt. Polytechnic, AdampurSh. Gaje Singh, Principal 09416290792Sh. Ravinder 09416249926
5Govt. Polytechnic, Nathusari ChoptaSh. S.K Sharma, Principal 9416438800Sh. Abhishek Sagar, Sr. Lecturer, 9896164088
6Govt. Polytechnic, NilokheriSh. S.K. Goel, Principal 01745-246002Sh. Asim Jain, Sr. Lecturer 01745-246002
7Govt. Polytechnic, JhajjarDr. Geeta Gulia, TPO(Officiating Principal), 9416288018Sh. Sunil Luthra, lect. 9466594853
8Govt. Polytechnic for women, SirsaSh. Rajbir Singh Kadian, Principal, 09671556056Sh. Karamvir Singh, HOD
9Govt. Polytechnic, SonipatSh. Anil Kumar, Principal, 09466824004Sh. Mahipal, lect.
10Govt. Polytechnic, NarnaulSh. D.K. Rawat, Principal 9416490700Sh. Anil Kumar, lect. 9416240492
11Govt. Polytechnic, MehamSh. Lalit Verma, Principal 9416401398Mrs. Neelam Rani, Lect. 9466858674
12Govt. Polytechnic, MorniSh. Joginder Singh, Principal, 094164-62763Ms. Deepti, Lect. 094675-26428
13Govt. Polytechnic for women, FaridabadDr. N.k. Bhayana, Principal 9416124911Mrs. Meenu Verma, HOD 9910153115
14Govt. Polytechnic, ManesarSh.Mukesh Chadha 09810542856Sh. Dharampal 09416889345
15Govt. Polytechnic, LoharuSh. Pankaj Bhalla, Principal 9466650869Sh. Surinder Kumar, Lect. 9813405094
16Govt. Polytechnic, CheekaSh. Harish Kumar Sharma, Principal, 01743-223675Sh. Davinder Rana, Lect. 01743-223675
17Govt. Polytechnic, NarwanaSh. Sunil Dutt, Principal 09416573405Mrs. Usha, Lect. 9467567271
18Govt. Polytechnic, LisanaSh. Manohar Lal Godara, Principal 9466386821Sh. Paramjeet Singh, Lect. 9416479701
19Govt. Polytechnic, UttawarSh.Shashi Bhushan, PrincipalSh.S.B.Jangra
20Govt. Polytechnic for womenSmt. Sadhana JainSmt. Alpana Mittal, HOD